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Exhibitor Terms and Conditions

Tradeshow Services, Inc. will not provide any services without Advance Payment.  Our CREDIT POLICY  requires payment with order for services INCLUDING TAX.  Send selected forms with your check or credit card information to TRADESHOW SERVICES, INC. in order for us to provide any equipment or services.  FULL PAYMENT of rental charges must accompany your order to qualify for the ADVANCE ORDER PRICES.  ALL ORDERS RECEIVED AT THE SERVICE DESK WILL BE CHARGED AT FLOOR ORDER PRICES.  If advance orders are paid by credit card, additional services or rentals ordered at the show will be invoiced to your credit card.  A $30.00 surcharge will be added to your account if any credit charges or checks are denied.  

CANCELLATION POLICY: Items cancelled after move in time will be charged at 50% of original price.  Additional charges will apply for damaged equipment.  Cleaning charges will be applied for all items returned soiled.  

DAMAGE TO EXHIBITS: while they are being loaded, unloaded or conveyed to the various booths or common carrier by the Drayage Contractor will be its responsibility.  The Drayage Contractor WILL NOT be responsible for damage to materials improperly packed, concealed damage, loss or theft of exhibitors materials after same have been delivered to the booth or before materials have been picked up for loading out of the booth.  In any case, the liability of the Drayage Contractor is limited to $.10 per pound/per article, with a maximum of $1,000.00 per shipment.  The shipper is encouraged to make arrangements with its insurance carrier if values of articles of shipments are in excess of those stated above.

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